Monday, December 24, 2012


STANDING ON THE ROOFTOOP I am a really lucky girl, to live in such a beautiful small city where no one would say anything against me standing on the rooftoop shooting pictures for my blog, hehe. This is what I did for you guys, to show you number one of three christmas outfits. It's always the same procedure in my family's house; my father sets up the christmas tree on the 24th, my sister(s) and my mother always decorate it for hours until it's finally done. I have to admit I'm not much into decorating "a tree". 
My outfit for todays christmas celebration is very easy and casual but chic as well. I bought the skirt from Mango about a month ago and the blouse was a gift by my sister Vanessa when she was in Florida this autumn. I also did the very best I could on doing my make up for this special day. In my family its like this: we all choose our christmas outfits nearly a month before christmas eve is. It was always like this because it's a really good occasion to finally wear something chic and fancy - although I like to wear chic and fancy clothes even when it's not christmas eve ;-)
This post is quite a long one because I had so many pictures I wanted to share with you guys. First I'm going to show you my outfit and then you'll see some photos of our christmas tree because it's really cute how many animals are hanging on it and the best thing is on the top - a golden shoe! Yes, we are kind of glamour girls.

And I also have the right song for you in link to the place where we shot the pictures - Rooftops - by Lostprophets, still one of my favorite songs even though I am not 15 anymore! enjoy!

Merry merry christmas to you guys, I hope you'll enjoy your festival as much as I do :-)

shoes - H&M
tights - Tezenis
skirt - Mango
blouse - a gift 

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