Monday, December 17, 2012


Greta A.
CHRISMTAS Since I am so much into christmas I shot some pictures for the Stylight adventcalender with my roommate. Hopefully I'm going to be one of the adventcalender girlies, wish me luck! :-)
Green and red may be the most traditional christmas colors so I tried to take them up in my outfit and at first it looked weird and unusual but after some time I totally got used to it, hehe.
This weekend was kind of stressful but finally it's over and I can go home pretty relaxed. I just listened to the song "It's beginning to look a lot like christmas" - the Michael Bublé version because it's very lovely and I kind of like this man, AND then I thought about the lyrics and unfortunately I found out that it doesn't begin to look a lot like christmas. Christmas should be the season where we alle come together and have fun and just forget about the stupid things that happened in the past time, but seriously, how can we do that if there's this unbelievable massacre in Conneticut?

I inform myself every day about the tragic thing that happened in this elementary school and it's always around christmas time that such bad things happen and I really can't stand this. I know you all may heard everyone's opinion on this very often but I still have the hope that some fine day the people will finally think about their act and get to know what they've done to the families who are affected and to themselves as well.

So here are some words, from me, from my tiny little blog which won't be read by anyone in Conneticut I think, but to show compassion for the people, I'm sorry for your loss. I instantly hope that the information about the massacre soon will be over to give the families some time to mourn for their children and relatives, and give them power to get up again.

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