Thursday, December 6, 2012


SISTERS TIME Had no time to share with you my outfit from last Saturday when I went out shopping and spending time with my sister. It's great to have some family around here in Vienna because sometimes I miss chatting with my mum, dad and of course my other sister. BUT christmas isn't far away and I can't wait to have everybody around me, even if I'd been home last week, hehe. The days before christmas are both a blessing and a curse. I've got exams and presentations at university and would rather watch Gossip Girl or New Girl - those two are my favorite shows at the moment, could watch them all day long drinking tea or a hot chocolate. You know in December it's the time where you have to do a lot of things as a student and it's also the time of punch cabins, advent markets and the city by night is just gorgeous, but there's simply not enough time to enjoy all these lovely things. I hate that the month december is always passing by so quickly, there's the 24th everybody is waiting for and new year's eve and I am thinking, what have I done this month?

So for this special kind of sister's day I decided on this lovely black skirt from H&M which I bought some years ago and still like it a lot! At lunch time it's not very cold in Vienna so I decided on this cute pullover from Mango, but unfortunately in the afternoon it did get quite cold so I would recommend to wear it combined with a vest. Anyway, I really like the pullover because it always reminds me of christmas and wouldn't it be perfect for a day spending with your family, relatives or loved ones? It really looks chic and for spending the day inside it's warm enough.

shoes - Vögele shoes
tights - Tezenis
skirt - H&M
pullover - Mango

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