Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 Did you have awesome last days in 2012? I did have some truly good days, but must admit some were more terrifying than I ever thought. That's the special kick from life itself I guess. You can't always have good days, but you have to keep them in mind to get over the bad days. 
So tomorrow's 2013, I am sorry to say that I don't have any resolutions to tell you, because I just think they'd end up in a mess. Here's just one thing I'd like to tell you, to keep in mind - New year's eve is another reason to party and celebrate with your beloved ones, accept this offer from whoever gave it to us, and make the best out of it. I've seen so many people wondering about new year's eve and make it special but it's not about the night itself, it's just about you, thinking about the past year and smile. 

But finally a new outfit post! So this outfit is quite relaxing and chilled as I mentioned at my facebook page. Bought this pullover at H&M, it's on sale right now by the way and totally comfy! Go for it! Yes, I realized while writing this, that all the garments on the pictures are by H&M - no wonder, the swan dress is my favorite dress at the moment besides the one by Mango .. Whatever, I like this combination, dress and huge pullover, and that both items are short in the front and long at the back! I choose this look because at the moment earth treats us very nice by having plus degrees outside instead of freezing cold weather. So I thought about wearing something light and it was worth it because usually when I walk around like this I'd get ill soon but I didn't, thumbs up! 

Wow, this time I really had something to say, happy new year guys! Keep up doing whatever you do if it makes you happy =)

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