Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 Did you have awesome last days in 2012? I did have some truly good days, but must admit some were more terrifying than I ever thought. That's the special kick from life itself I guess. You can't always have good days, but you have to keep them in mind to get over the bad days. 
So tomorrow's 2013, I am sorry to say that I don't have any resolutions to tell you, because I just think they'd end up in a mess. Here's just one thing I'd like to tell you, to keep in mind - New year's eve is another reason to party and celebrate with your beloved ones, accept this offer from whoever gave it to us, and make the best out of it. I've seen so many people wondering about new year's eve and make it special but it's not about the night itself, it's just about you, thinking about the past year and smile. 

But finally a new outfit post! So this outfit is quite relaxing and chilled as I mentioned at my facebook page. Bought this pullover at H&M, it's on sale right now by the way and totally comfy! Go for it! Yes, I realized while writing this, that all the garments on the pictures are by H&M - no wonder, the swan dress is my favorite dress at the moment besides the one by Mango .. Whatever, I like this combination, dress and huge pullover, and that both items are short in the front and long at the back! I choose this look because at the moment earth treats us very nice by having plus degrees outside instead of freezing cold weather. So I thought about wearing something light and it was worth it because usually when I walk around like this I'd get ill soon but I didn't, thumbs up! 

Wow, this time I really had something to say, happy new year guys! Keep up doing whatever you do if it makes you happy =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


THANK YOU STYLIGHT As you all know I was adventblogger on the 18th of december at and I was really happy about this lovely opportunity. Also I won on the first of december this awesome dress by Mango also through the stylight company and want to thank them with this pictures, shot just for Mango and just for Stylight! I am madly in love with this dress and I am wearing it as outfit  #3 on my blog. Because I'm such a small girlie I needed to shorten the dress but I had the idea to have it shorter in the front as in the back. What do you think about it? Because the dress is such an eyecatcher I just added this tiny black belt. Plus I am wearing this lovely hat from h&m which totally matches with my new faux fur jacket which is a christmas gift from my sisters - yes they know me well!

What I like about the faux fur is that it is not in a single color but in two! It's a real eyecatcher and I just love that my sisters knew that I would like this! It's from forever 21 by the way if you wanna shop it. Wishing you a nice wednesday!

hat - h&m
dress - mango
belt - h&m
tights - tezenis
shoes - somewhere in Linz

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


RED AND WHITE I really hope that you guys have had a wonderful christmas eve yesterday and enjoyed spending quality time with your beloved ones. That's what christmas is about. To tell you something about my evening, we ate delicious turkey and the best dessert ever: baked apple! It was a real comfy christmas with lots of good music and interesting conversations. I choose some pictures we shot yesterday to share with you at the blog, enjoy! 

For the second day celebrating with my family and relatives I choose this lovely red and white outfit, both pieces are from h&m and my beloved nussbag which was a gift after a fashionshow for a schoolproject.
So this is my second home article for you, I am sure that this one is more successful as the last one because the light is much better in our house and of course the furnishing is a bit more chic ;-) also the brown,red and white colors on the pictures match perfectly, don't you think so? When I look at the photos I remind myself of a santa girlie, this red and white combination is so santa clause.

Monday, December 24, 2012


STANDING ON THE ROOFTOOP I am a really lucky girl, to live in such a beautiful small city where no one would say anything against me standing on the rooftoop shooting pictures for my blog, hehe. This is what I did for you guys, to show you number one of three christmas outfits. It's always the same procedure in my family's house; my father sets up the christmas tree on the 24th, my sister(s) and my mother always decorate it for hours until it's finally done. I have to admit I'm not much into decorating "a tree". 
My outfit for todays christmas celebration is very easy and casual but chic as well. I bought the skirt from Mango about a month ago and the blouse was a gift by my sister Vanessa when she was in Florida this autumn. I also did the very best I could on doing my make up for this special day. In my family its like this: we all choose our christmas outfits nearly a month before christmas eve is. It was always like this because it's a really good occasion to finally wear something chic and fancy - although I like to wear chic and fancy clothes even when it's not christmas eve ;-)
This post is quite a long one because I had so many pictures I wanted to share with you guys. First I'm going to show you my outfit and then you'll see some photos of our christmas tree because it's really cute how many animals are hanging on it and the best thing is on the top - a golden shoe! Yes, we are kind of glamour girls.

And I also have the right song for you in link to the place where we shot the pictures - Rooftops - by Lostprophets, still one of my favorite songs even though I am not 15 anymore! enjoy!

Merry merry christmas to you guys, I hope you'll enjoy your festival as much as I do :-)

Friday, December 21, 2012


TAKING PICTURES IN THE SNOW There wasn't much sun in the last few days but yesterday in the morning I woke up by the sunlight and was totally motivated to shoot some sunny snow pictures for you. I was wearing a lovely golden pullover which I bought in summer at Mango's and to finish the look I wore a blouse with lace from h&m. The total eyecatcher might be my awesome shoes from Bearpaw. You all know that uggs are the best shoes for walking in the snow, if they are water-resistand. Well, mine are and I've seen this total "awesome-look-with-uggs" at gossip girl and in some magazines really years ago and wanted to try it out, yesterday there's been the perfect opportunity for me. What do you think? You need to get used to it but I think it's kind of cool and offbeat so I like it.

We all now that christmas is coming to town .. whoop! 3 days left, it's all that the people are thinking about at the moment. And I thought about a little  challenge for all my readers:

1. Take a picture of you and your outfit you've chosen for Christmas Eve
2. send the picture with your name and hometown to 

3. There'll be a special post on the 24th featured with your outfits

sunglasses - Mango
blouse - H&M
pullover - Mango
skirt - Vero Moda
tights - Tezenis
ring - Primark
shoes - Bearpaw

Thursday, December 20, 2012


OVERSIZED BLAZER Some time ago I tried to combine black and blue together in my outfit and I'm still not sure if it's the right thing to do, but because I want your opinion on it I thought about sharing it on the blog. So what do you think? In my opinion the look is interesting altough a bit cold and dark but I like this oversized blazer in combination with the over knees boots. It's also a veeeeeery comfy look which can be worn nearly everyday, at college, school or somewhere else. The jacket, which can be seen on the last picture was made by me when I was in fashion school. I have to admit that I never really wore it because its black and blue and I wasn't sure about this color combination but yet I think it looks cool and badass, hehe. 

"Black and blue" is not only the topic of my article, but also a great song by miike snow, check it out by clicking here. When I set up the article I just thought about this song which I haven't heard in years so it's also for me newland again. Couldn't remember how it exactly sound but I heard it a few times while typing this article and I still like it. 
Hope you're having a lovely thursday with not too much stress on christmas related things :)

blazer - vintage
shirt - Zara
pants - Zara
shoes - Humanic
scarf - H&M
gloves - H&M
jacket - selfmade

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


THIS CAPE and THIS HAT I am so in love with this cape, it's actually my mom's but I am thankful for every time she allows me to wear it. Doesn't it look super chic? For this look I wanted to show you my lovely new burgundy accessories by H&M, the hat and the scarf which fit together perfectly. As you all know, hats are kind of the best thing to wear in winter. It's also a real comfortable look because under this cape you can wear whatever you want and whatever your mood is set on to. I think you all noticed that I love Zara clothes and their winter collection this year is truly great, as always. So I am wearing two items by zara.

As you all know if you follow me by facebook as well (if you don't, click here ) I am at home in upper Austria now and you can't imagine how good it is. Best meal ever and of course super relaxing. But I guess some of you know this as well. The next few days/weeks will be full of surprising outfits for you and I can't wait to show you what I've chosen for some special events I'm attending. 

shoes - H&M
pants - ZARA
cape/poncho - ZARA
scarf - H&M
hat - H&M

Monday, December 17, 2012


Greta A.
CHRISMTAS Since I am so much into christmas I shot some pictures for the Stylight adventcalender with my roommate. Hopefully I'm going to be one of the adventcalender girlies, wish me luck! :-)
Green and red may be the most traditional christmas colors so I tried to take them up in my outfit and at first it looked weird and unusual but after some time I totally got used to it, hehe.
This weekend was kind of stressful but finally it's over and I can go home pretty relaxed. I just listened to the song "It's beginning to look a lot like christmas" - the Michael Bublé version because it's very lovely and I kind of like this man, AND then I thought about the lyrics and unfortunately I found out that it doesn't begin to look a lot like christmas. Christmas should be the season where we alle come together and have fun and just forget about the stupid things that happened in the past time, but seriously, how can we do that if there's this unbelievable massacre in Conneticut?

I inform myself every day about the tragic thing that happened in this elementary school and it's always around christmas time that such bad things happen and I really can't stand this. I know you all may heard everyone's opinion on this very often but I still have the hope that some fine day the people will finally think about their act and get to know what they've done to the families who are affected and to themselves as well.

So here are some words, from me, from my tiny little blog which won't be read by anyone in Conneticut I think, but to show compassion for the people, I'm sorry for your loss. I instantly hope that the information about the massacre soon will be over to give the families some time to mourn for their children and relatives, and give them power to get up again.

peplum top - H&M
red skirt - H&M

Friday, December 14, 2012


pictures by Greta A.

FINALLY FRIDAY I don't know if you remember my green coat from asos which I ordered in summer because it was on sale? Well, if you don't, I shot some pictures for you wearing it with my beloved brown hat. I hardly see people wearing hats in vienna so I think it is a welcome change instead of always wearing beanies or headbands. A hat is the perfect accessorie. So back to the coat, I really thought it would be the time to buy some green garments for my wardrobe because honestly, I don't have many green clothes. Time for change! My special gloves with the leopard print on are very warm and I love my leather gloves but when it gets cold outside we all need something that is warmer than leather. 

So guys, I am really glad that it's finally friday. This week has been stressful and not very funny at all and I can't wait to have some vacation. And my weekend won't be much more realxing either. Plan for the next two days is to get ready the christmas present for my sister (you'll see pictures after christmas) my boyfriend and of course there's a lovely photoshooting on sunday! But more about this experience next week! 
Wishing you a nice and relaxing weekend!

hat - New Yorker
coat - Asos
pants - Zara
shoes - Vögele
gloves - H&M

Thursday, December 13, 2012


SUN IS SHINING  Finally the real winter season can begin for me. Exam today - done. Now the time full of christmas cookies, punch and markets can begin! For this I've chosen a lovely outfit with burgundy - what else? Saw this leggin at Zara and it wasn't very expensive so I totally needed it in my life. Also the weather seems to be very kind to me, so I can still take photos outside. Plan for the next few days before leaving home for holidays is to get ready all of my presents - means wrapping them and of course sending cards to my lovely friends all over the world! (I really love sending christmas cards)

This morning (at 10 am) after my exam I went through the city and I didn't expect to see so many people gathering around the shops, waiting for them to open and buy present after present. The weeks before christmas are really hectic. I've never realized this before because I grew up in this small city where everybody drove far away to buy their presents because there's hardly a single store in my hometown.

beanie - don't remember
coat - Ullmann Fashion Trading
pullover - H&M
leggins - Zara
shoes - H&M

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


LAST WEEK there have been some sunny moments and I couldn't wait to go outside, shoot some pictures for you! Unfortunately the sun didn't act on the degrees in lovely vienna, so it was still pretty cold and I need my quilted jacket nearly every day! You know what's really bothering me in winter? It's nearly always dark outside! I get up, usually at 8 a.m for those who wonder why my posts are always that early published .. but at 4 p.m it's dark outside and I hate it! I just need some sun to feel good and not depressed! Really makes me angry sometimes but it'll soon be better when I get used to this little daylight a day. But I guess that's a problem we all tend to have when it's "finally" winter.

My outfit for the sunny day last week was pretty simple, big pullover with a nice knitting pattern, matching scarf with a black border and green pants from zara. I like to wear everything in one colortone and then add a single more noticable color! Remember the look I wore called spots of color ? There you can see this as well ;) And because of the sun I finally took out my sunglasses again! Missed them like crazy!

quilted jacket - Zara
pullover - H&M
green pants - Zara
shoes - Vögele shoes
scarf - New Yorker
bag - Zara
sunglasses - rayban wayfarer

Monday, December 10, 2012


GREY Perfect for winter is the color grey. It's not a dark color but also not white, which tends to get dirty very quickly when wearing it outside on the street. I like to combine grey with blue it makes a cool christmas look, don't you think so? Well, I chose this grey pants with the best sneakers I've ever seen! Usually I don't wear sports shoes a lot but this shoes are made for walking ... in the snow! Whoop! In vienna there's not much snow but they keep warm as well - best tip for cold winter days! In the big city it's just snowing sometimes, but it really is SO cold, always a hard decision what to wear.

So today I gotta visit the Extras Agency for getting in their card index. They'll take down my voice and take some pictures of me as well! Yay! I'm very excited if anyone wants me for their movies or tv shows in the next few months :-) Keeping you all up to date of course! Next thing this week will be the third Adventparty on Sunday and my important exam on Thursday! Wish me luck and of course, have a nice Monday!

blouse - Primark
vest - Ullman Fashion Trading
pants - Seven For All Mankind
shoes - Saito
shopper - New Yorker

Thursday, December 6, 2012


SISTERS TIME Had no time to share with you my outfit from last Saturday when I went out shopping and spending time with my sister. It's great to have some family around here in Vienna because sometimes I miss chatting with my mum, dad and of course my other sister. BUT christmas isn't far away and I can't wait to have everybody around me, even if I'd been home last week, hehe. The days before christmas are both a blessing and a curse. I've got exams and presentations at university and would rather watch Gossip Girl or New Girl - those two are my favorite shows at the moment, could watch them all day long drinking tea or a hot chocolate. You know in December it's the time where you have to do a lot of things as a student and it's also the time of punch cabins, advent markets and the city by night is just gorgeous, but there's simply not enough time to enjoy all these lovely things. I hate that the month december is always passing by so quickly, there's the 24th everybody is waiting for and new year's eve and I am thinking, what have I done this month?

So for this special kind of sister's day I decided on this lovely black skirt from H&M which I bought some years ago and still like it a lot! At lunch time it's not very cold in Vienna so I decided on this cute pullover from Mango, but unfortunately in the afternoon it did get quite cold so I would recommend to wear it combined with a vest. Anyway, I really like the pullover because it always reminds me of christmas and wouldn't it be perfect for a day spending with your family, relatives or loved ones? It really looks chic and for spending the day inside it's warm enough.

shoes - Vögele shoes
tights - Tezenis
skirt - H&M
pullover - Mango

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It really is cold in vienna! puhh! And as I said in some posts before, it's quite a challenge to pull on some nice clothes which are warm as well. So the best thing is to wear 2 pairs of socks, and 2 tights one on top of the other if you're the kind of girl who loves to wear dresses and even winter and freezing degrees can't keep you away from it. Sometimes I am that kind of girl and then I really wear lots of garments in layers and hope I don't look like a giant something, hehe.
For this outfit I wanted to keep it easy and just have some spots of color, like the burgundy bag and the dress in a darker rosé tone. We all know that black is our favorite color in winter but sometimes I feel boring when wearing only black, so I added some spots of color and finished the look. It's very easy and for every kind of occasion a good look.

So the next few days will consist only of learning for my special literature exam next week but then it's almost christmas and it is so crazy how fast time goes by, don't you think so too? I mean I remember exactly the day I moved to vienna, and also the day I graduated from fashion school and now it's almost 2013! Have you any plans for new year's eve? That's next thing on my to do list. Plan things for the upcoming holidays, like visiting all my relatives, have a nice wellness day at a spa, etc. What are your plans for the holidays?

coat - Ullmann Fashion Trading
dress - H&M
shoes - Saito
bag - Gaudí (Ullmann Fashion Trading)
gloves - H&M
scarf - H&M

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Yesterday I've been at the Karin Van Vlient Make up studio again - this time a friend of mine had her make up artist examination and I was her model. It was so great, even if my eyes are hurting a bit today, I had lots of fun and also took great shots. So the first thing Isabella had to do, was a kind of fashion show make up for the future .. time limit: 40 minutes. Here you can see the result: 

I just love the lipstick! I have to admit that I loved all the make up products Isabella used for my face, unfortunately they're kind of expensive. So if I was a model, walking down a looong catwalk, in the future of course, I would definitely like this make up! My eyes look like a painting, it is unbelievable how creative you have to be and exact, to make it look similar on both eyes.
The second make up she had to was inspired by the twenties, black and white glamour. The result was overwhelming, because I've never seen myself with such dark eyebrows and false eyelashes! Time limit: 45 minutes

When I first saw myself like this, it remembered me of a doll. The lipstick has a great color and she just drawed my lips so nice and doll like - hehe. 
The third and last make up look was an easy going home look which should meet my expectations. Time limit: 15 minutes

Thanks a lot for this great experience - I really enjoyed it! And congratulations to my lovely Isabella now that she's a make up artist!! :) Check out her page on facebook by clicking here  ;-)

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