Tuesday, November 20, 2012


make a space for all the good times
store them in your heart

 the last few posts were not much fashion, so here's a new outfit post! I am SO looking forward to christmas, that I wanted to wear my white shirt from ZARA again which always reminds me of how beautiful winter and especially snow can be. Unfortunately there's no snow in vienna but maybe some fine day?
So here's a new update of my life - today I got the call from "Swarovski" with the confirmation that I got the job for december at their store in the first district of vienna. Very excited what I will see there! ;-) Of course I'll keep you all updated!
But whats the thing with my blog theme today? Well, I thought of listening KELE again today, and there was this song I heard very often until now but I never really listened to the text - now I did and I really liked what I heard. "Make a space for all the good times, store them in your heart" - I guess thats what we all should do when there's a worse moment, don't forget that there have been so many happy, great and wonderful moments in our lives - of course we all forget that sometimes but we should always remind ourselves and others to keep thinking positive! This is your moment, as it's said in the song, so live it to the fullest! 

This is your moment.
You gotta take it in
You might of said that you been burned, but blackened how we know
This is your moment

Kele - Yesterday's Gone

coat - selfmade, shirt ZARA, bouclé blazer ZARA, skirt H&M , bag H&M

shoes - H&M , blue tights - TEZENIS

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