Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Going to see "Ein Volksfeind - Henrik Ibsen" in two hours in a vienna theatre - very excited how it will be. Haven't been to the theatre in years, no, exactly it isn't long ago. So for this nice event I decided to wear my lovely dress by ASOS petite together with my bouclĂ© blazer from H&M to add some color. I am so in love with my shoes, bought them at ULLMANN FASHION TRADING last winter and can't take my eyes off of them - really! 
So the theatre I am going to see is a drama by the norwegian Henrik Ibsen. It was first in 1883 so its a kind of "old" play. The main themes in the play are truth, freedom in general and freedom of speech - thats what I found out at wikipedia - I wouldn't recommend it to you for searching things for school or university but just to satisfay your own needs it's absolutely perfect. So wikipedia told me that the play is about a conflict between a doctor and some people from a health resort. It does sound weird to me but I am excited anyway. Also I have never been to a theatre in vienna before so I am very keen to see if there are any differences between those in upper Austria or Berlin where I used to be and Vienna. 

have a nice wednesday evening!

pictures shot by Bettina - thanks a lot!

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