Monday, November 12, 2012


pictures shot by Lisa 

Sun was up up up! Today I felt like removing my college stuff and go outside into the "warm" weather! Well, it wasn't really warm but warmer than the other days! Unfortunately there's always a horrible wind in vienna so I decided to take a hat with me on my trip.
looks a bit like "little red riding hood" but i like the photo. Anyway, I am a bit sad because it seems to me, that I can't wear my selfmade burgundy cape anymore this year - just too cold. Even if it's out of a thick woollen cloth and lining it just doesn't work anymore. Sadly. So I'm searching for a new inspiration to make up a new coat for myself! If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me or write on my facebook page! 
Well, whats next on my to do list? I was such a good good girl this weekend, I am now allowing myself some cookies, a hot chocolate and listening to great music! Hopefully you all know that Jamie Cullum is the epitome of a great Sunday evening (for me)! And if you don't, check out some of his songs, they always make me feel happy on a Sunday evening, when Monday's just a night away!

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