Monday, November 26, 2012


pictures shot by Greta A.
I've never been wearing light colored pants in winter, because of all this dark weather people (me as well) tend to choose dark colored garments to wear. But it's no secret that I just love light colors - white, all those pastel colors that are yet so popular and of course beige! So I tried out to match one of my favourite colors with "winter colors" - the result can be seen on the pictures!

Tomorrow I am going home for a few days, so looking forward to finally see my parents and Upper Austrian friends again! Its nice to have an appartment on your own but coming home just feels so good. I'll have a strict time plan because I have so many things to do like going to the best and greatest cloth shop in Upper Austria , then there's my monthly week with Amy, so looking forward of meeting her again and talk about every kind of gossip that comes to our minds. I've been living in vienna now for two months and I always get excited when it comes to going home, because its like holiday at home. It really is like all people say, if you aren't living home anymore, it feels so good to come back, you appreciate it a lot more!

COAT - Ullmann Fashion Trading
BLOUSE - New Yorker
PANTS - Zara

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