Friday, November 30, 2012


As you all might know, I am not wearing "traditional" jeans very often, my pants are usually in special colors but not out of jeans material. For today I thought, why not try out a pair of jeans? You all know my blue jeans from Zara, but those are from Killah and I really love them, even if I wear them really seldom. It makes them special because I only wear them when I'm in the mood, and today I'm in jeans mood. So my outfit today is very casual because I am going home to Vienna today and for going by train I wanted something comfy. (of course the clutch isn't the best way for travelling, but it fits just perfect to my outfit so I decided on taking it for the photos, hehe)

As you can see on the pictures, its already snowing in my hometown and I'm so happy about this, because tomorrow's the first of december and snow is really really needed! Plan for today, that's also the reason why I'm wearing less make up on the pictures, a friend of mine needs me for her make up artist exam and I am always willing to help her - in exchange of getting some pictures just for you lovely blog lovers! :-)

have a nice Friday and enjoy your weekend!

blouse - Primark
blazer - Ann Christine
jeans - Killah
shoes - H&M
clutch - H&M

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