Tuesday, November 13, 2012


shot by Greta ;) 
I really have to admit that it's time to concentrate on college a bit more, but it's so exciting what happens all the time. Got the assurance to act a tiny little part in a movie which is made in Austria by the lovely company Puls4. So excited, dunno what to wear because it's a kind of disco outfit needed and I really have to go shopping first ;-)
So here's the thing - I am really looking forward to christmas, been looking for some presents for my family and friends already but didn't find the right ones yet. I just love to choose presents for my lovely family, boyfriend and all the great people around me. Don't you just love it when someones heart skips a beat when he or she gets a great present? I just love these moments when I see their happy faces, that makes me proud. In the course of advent, my roommate and I will host some wonderful advent parties in our appartment in vienna and I'm so totally looking forward to these. Just chill, eat, drink and stuff. To get in the mood of christmas, advent and holidays I decided for today a casual but chic outfit with some winter glamour. I can't wait to wear cute dresses with lots of glitter and stuff at christmas or new years eve. I simply can't wait to have holidays. Life as a student can be kind of stressful, there're always some duties to fullfill but in one month I get to take some remaining holiday. So I am dreaming of what I could do in my winter holidays - and I'm thinking about thermal baths, skiing, reading, shopping, relaxing and taking a walk - and also, visiting all my relatives from all over the country! Looking forward to it!

The pullover is from Mango, the bag and the skirt as well - I really like it because it's comfortable and chic as well so totally the right choice for the winter season! The skirt is out of velvet which is a very leisurely material. 

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