Friday, November 23, 2012


COMFORTABLE This weekend is set under the theme "comfy clothes". Some weeks ago I bought this really nice pullover at h&m which is half knitwear and half a normal cotton cloth. I like it a lot because its very comfortable but still chic. So today was a pretty relaxing day. I went out in the lovely town of vienna with a friend of mine and we shot this few pictures. (thanks to Julia) Vienna is awesome in winter all those lights and so many old and nice buildings, definitely no fault to move here, but I am still looking forward to coming home again next week! So my weekend won't be much fashion because I have lots of things to do for college but I'll still keep you all updated what's going on. 
have a nice friday evening ;)
coat - ASOS , pants - ZARA , boots - H&M , bag - Primark

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