Thursday, November 15, 2012


pictures shot by Greta ;)

Do you remember the song „hip teens don’t wear blue jeans“? Well, I have to disagree with this, because I really like my blue pants by ZARA. Bought them at the end of summer holidays and they are so comfortable and look so great! Nowadays everybody wears blue jeans and this is so freaking awesome because let’s talk about some history, when jeans were invented and just worn by cowboys. It was such a great invention that anybody can imagine living without those kinds of pants, right? As you all can see on my pictures, it really gets cold and dark in vienna and there isn’t a lot of sun coming up buuuut I’m still in a good mood. Because of the cold weather I like to wear skinny pants, nice heels and some comfy and thick top part to keep me warm. I bought the shoes which I’m wearing at this picture above at H&M, the vest and bag at ULLMANN FASHION TRADING.
Vienna is such a nice place when it gets cold, last week I went to some punch cabins, and in just a few weeks the first “Christkindlmarkt” will open its doors – whoop! I am so excited what I’m going to see there. 

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