Friday, November 30, 2012


As you all might know, I am not wearing "traditional" jeans very often, my pants are usually in special colors but not out of jeans material. For today I thought, why not try out a pair of jeans? You all know my blue jeans from Zara, but those are from Killah and I really love them, even if I wear them really seldom. It makes them special because I only wear them when I'm in the mood, and today I'm in jeans mood. So my outfit today is very casual because I am going home to Vienna today and for going by train I wanted something comfy. (of course the clutch isn't the best way for travelling, but it fits just perfect to my outfit so I decided on taking it for the photos, hehe)

As you can see on the pictures, its already snowing in my hometown and I'm so happy about this, because tomorrow's the first of december and snow is really really needed! Plan for today, that's also the reason why I'm wearing less make up on the pictures, a friend of mine needs me for her make up artist exam and I am always willing to help her - in exchange of getting some pictures just for you lovely blog lovers! :-)

have a nice Friday and enjoy your weekend!

blouse - Primark
blazer - Ann Christine
jeans - Killah
shoes - H&M
clutch - H&M

Monday, November 26, 2012


pictures shot by Greta A.
I've never been wearing light colored pants in winter, because of all this dark weather people (me as well) tend to choose dark colored garments to wear. But it's no secret that I just love light colors - white, all those pastel colors that are yet so popular and of course beige! So I tried out to match one of my favourite colors with "winter colors" - the result can be seen on the pictures!

Tomorrow I am going home for a few days, so looking forward to finally see my parents and Upper Austrian friends again! Its nice to have an appartment on your own but coming home just feels so good. I'll have a strict time plan because I have so many things to do like going to the best and greatest cloth shop in Upper Austria , then there's my monthly week with Amy, so looking forward of meeting her again and talk about every kind of gossip that comes to our minds. I've been living in vienna now for two months and I always get excited when it comes to going home, because its like holiday at home. It really is like all people say, if you aren't living home anymore, it feels so good to come back, you appreciate it a lot more!

COAT - Ullmann Fashion Trading
BLOUSE - New Yorker
PANTS - Zara

Friday, November 23, 2012


COMFORTABLE This weekend is set under the theme "comfy clothes". Some weeks ago I bought this really nice pullover at h&m which is half knitwear and half a normal cotton cloth. I like it a lot because its very comfortable but still chic. So today was a pretty relaxing day. I went out in the lovely town of vienna with a friend of mine and we shot this few pictures. (thanks to Julia) Vienna is awesome in winter all those lights and so many old and nice buildings, definitely no fault to move here, but I am still looking forward to coming home again next week! So my weekend won't be much fashion because I have lots of things to do for college but I'll still keep you all updated what's going on. 
have a nice friday evening ;)
coat - ASOS , pants - ZARA , boots - H&M , bag - Primark

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Between all those outfit posts I like to share other things with you, like my room in lovely Vienna. Since I am sharing a 60m² apartment with my awesome roommate and best friend, I can tell you that my room is not the largest, but I love it anyway. It is a two bedroom apartment with a living room, seperate kitchen and bathroom, which makes it absolutely perfect for us. Since my room is not that big, I do all things creative, like sew and sketch in the living room. At first it was a bit of a struggle, do furnish my room, since it is pretty narrow and long, but I think I did a pretty good job. 

On the first picture you can see the painting of Audrey Hepburn made by my siste. I've seen this Audrey Hepburn picture at IKEA's and really wanted it but it was too expensive for me at the age of 15, so my lovely sister painted it for me on my wall in my room at home und again when I was moving out to Vienna because secretly, I can't live without it. I've seen every movie with Audrey and I've always loved her style and her smile. She was such a cutie and such an inspiration!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Going to see "Ein Volksfeind - Henrik Ibsen" in two hours in a vienna theatre - very excited how it will be. Haven't been to the theatre in years, no, exactly it isn't long ago. So for this nice event I decided to wear my lovely dress by ASOS petite together with my bouclé blazer from H&M to add some color. I am so in love with my shoes, bought them at ULLMANN FASHION TRADING last winter and can't take my eyes off of them - really! 
So the theatre I am going to see is a drama by the norwegian Henrik Ibsen. It was first in 1883 so its a kind of "old" play. The main themes in the play are truth, freedom in general and freedom of speech - thats what I found out at wikipedia - I wouldn't recommend it to you for searching things for school or university but just to satisfay your own needs it's absolutely perfect. So wikipedia told me that the play is about a conflict between a doctor and some people from a health resort. It does sound weird to me but I am excited anyway. Also I have never been to a theatre in vienna before so I am very keen to see if there are any differences between those in upper Austria or Berlin where I used to be and Vienna. 

have a nice wednesday evening!

pictures shot by Bettina - thanks a lot!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


make a space for all the good times
store them in your heart

 the last few posts were not much fashion, so here's a new outfit post! I am SO looking forward to christmas, that I wanted to wear my white shirt from ZARA again which always reminds me of how beautiful winter and especially snow can be. Unfortunately there's no snow in vienna but maybe some fine day?
So here's a new update of my life - today I got the call from "Swarovski" with the confirmation that I got the job for december at their store in the first district of vienna. Very excited what I will see there! ;-) Of course I'll keep you all updated!
But whats the thing with my blog theme today? Well, I thought of listening KELE again today, and there was this song I heard very often until now but I never really listened to the text - now I did and I really liked what I heard. "Make a space for all the good times, store them in your heart" - I guess thats what we all should do when there's a worse moment, don't forget that there have been so many happy, great and wonderful moments in our lives - of course we all forget that sometimes but we should always remind ourselves and others to keep thinking positive! This is your moment, as it's said in the song, so live it to the fullest! 

This is your moment.
You gotta take it in
You might of said that you been burned, but blackened how we know
This is your moment

Kele - Yesterday's Gone

coat - selfmade, shirt ZARA, bouclé blazer ZARA, skirt H&M , bag H&M

shoes - H&M , blue tights - TEZENIS

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Finally the new website is online - for all you lovely blog lovers I am so sorry for keeping you waiting so long for new posts. As some of you might know, I had some big troubles with the old website so I had no other chance than setting up a new one.

 Thanks to a friend of mine who did a really great job on the new blog , don't you think so?
Blogspot has really great oppertunities for bloggers so I hope I'll become happy here :-)

but now, show some love to my new blog and share it if you like it please! :-)


Thursday, November 15, 2012


pictures shot by Greta ;)

Do you remember the song „hip teens don’t wear blue jeans“? Well, I have to disagree with this, because I really like my blue pants by ZARA. Bought them at the end of summer holidays and they are so comfortable and look so great! Nowadays everybody wears blue jeans and this is so freaking awesome because let’s talk about some history, when jeans were invented and just worn by cowboys. It was such a great invention that anybody can imagine living without those kinds of pants, right? As you all can see on my pictures, it really gets cold and dark in vienna and there isn’t a lot of sun coming up buuuut I’m still in a good mood. Because of the cold weather I like to wear skinny pants, nice heels and some comfy and thick top part to keep me warm. I bought the shoes which I’m wearing at this picture above at H&M, the vest and bag at ULLMANN FASHION TRADING.
Vienna is such a nice place when it gets cold, last week I went to some punch cabins, and in just a few weeks the first “Christkindlmarkt” will open its doors – whoop! I am so excited what I’m going to see there. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


shot by Greta ;) 
I really have to admit that it's time to concentrate on college a bit more, but it's so exciting what happens all the time. Got the assurance to act a tiny little part in a movie which is made in Austria by the lovely company Puls4. So excited, dunno what to wear because it's a kind of disco outfit needed and I really have to go shopping first ;-)
So here's the thing - I am really looking forward to christmas, been looking for some presents for my family and friends already but didn't find the right ones yet. I just love to choose presents for my lovely family, boyfriend and all the great people around me. Don't you just love it when someones heart skips a beat when he or she gets a great present? I just love these moments when I see their happy faces, that makes me proud. In the course of advent, my roommate and I will host some wonderful advent parties in our appartment in vienna and I'm so totally looking forward to these. Just chill, eat, drink and stuff. To get in the mood of christmas, advent and holidays I decided for today a casual but chic outfit with some winter glamour. I can't wait to wear cute dresses with lots of glitter and stuff at christmas or new years eve. I simply can't wait to have holidays. Life as a student can be kind of stressful, there're always some duties to fullfill but in one month I get to take some remaining holiday. So I am dreaming of what I could do in my winter holidays - and I'm thinking about thermal baths, skiing, reading, shopping, relaxing and taking a walk - and also, visiting all my relatives from all over the country! Looking forward to it!

The pullover is from Mango, the bag and the skirt as well - I really like it because it's comfortable and chic as well so totally the right choice for the winter season! The skirt is out of velvet which is a very leisurely material. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


pictures shot by Lisa 

Sun was up up up! Today I felt like removing my college stuff and go outside into the "warm" weather! Well, it wasn't really warm but warmer than the other days! Unfortunately there's always a horrible wind in vienna so I decided to take a hat with me on my trip.
looks a bit like "little red riding hood" but i like the photo. Anyway, I am a bit sad because it seems to me, that I can't wear my selfmade burgundy cape anymore this year - just too cold. Even if it's out of a thick woollen cloth and lining it just doesn't work anymore. Sadly. So I'm searching for a new inspiration to make up a new coat for myself! If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me or write on my facebook page! 
Well, whats next on my to do list? I was such a good good girl this weekend, I am now allowing myself some cookies, a hot chocolate and listening to great music! Hopefully you all know that Jamie Cullum is the epitome of a great Sunday evening (for me)! And if you don't, check out some of his songs, they always make me feel happy on a Sunday evening, when Monday's just a night away!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today's outfit is under the theme all about white - it really gets cold in vienna now and I definitely needed a cap and what's better than a black cap combined with blouse and a bouclé blazer from Zara?  Plus I added some color with blue trousers and blue heels from h&m. Completely comfortable look and I love how the cap brings a little mess to it. Instead of always wearing dark colors, especially in winter, I love to wear white. White blouses, white shirts, white skirts, everything makes you look and feel so fresh again. Best thing is to get up and throw on a white blouse - you feel fresh and elegant within one moment! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Did not tell you guys that I've bought a pair of burgundy trousers last week at ZARA for lovely 25€! So in love with this trend color!
So today I have 2 classes I gotta visit but before I leave, I wanted to show you the outfit I've chosen for today.
Guess you all know my Gaudi bag from earlier posts but I still love it and it's in a good size for university stuff. My boucle jacket from H&M is very comfy and keeps me warm as well, plus I added a cute shirt in black with little chiffon parts. I didn't want to look overdressed because of class, so I've chosen a light lipstick which I bought last weekend and a decent make up.

Just some brown eyeshadow and some eyeliner - the lipstick is called crystal love and it adds some more color to my face ;-)

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