Thursday, August 30, 2012


Stunning how time passes by so quickly and I look so tanned in this picture! yay! To tell you, I am so ready for autumn! Don't need any summer degrees and dresses anymore, I want pants and blazers right now! This pullover was a gift by my sister Sabrina who lives in Vienna, it's by promode and has little horses on it. the blouse is a basic white blouse by H&M. The shoes are blue and my favorites because I just paid five euros for them! Pants - by Zara.

If you wonder who takes my pictures, it's the selftimer. I try to make it look like someones standing in front of me or next to me and takes a picture, but in fact it's just the camera itself. I felt like telling you this to be a real honest blogger girlie.
Oh and decision made! In october I'll be studying in vienna, got an apartment with a friend of mine and we'll move in on the first of october. This is totally exciting! I am excited how living in vienna will be and what new things I'll learn from now on. Anyway, autumn is coming, I can feel it!

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