Friday, July 6, 2012


had a great day with my sister @ Linz ! Went for some "Sale-Shopping" ... this is what i bought today - and a cuuuuute basket which i got from one of my best friends as a birthday present (yaaaay - birthday tomorrow!!) - anyway, love the basket, i will totally use it when being in vienna and go shooopping with it!

blazer (h&m), black trousers (zara,every girl should have skinny black trousers which look stunning and sexy with heels :) ) green shirt (zara) short pants (Mango) aaand my favourite - skirt with flower print from Mango, the front part is short and the back part long :) 
also i bought a nice handbag from Mango ... I'm totally satisfied with the garments i bought today, but I'm so looking forward to go shopping in Berlin in ......... 2 WEEKS!!!!

now i am sooo excited for my birthday party tomorrow, as you all know, it's a theme party, and the theme is "Black&White" ... aaah .. so excited if everyone shows up in one color or if my guests are combining black and white ... hopefully they will have lots of fun and me tooo :) :)


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