Friday, November 21, 2014


pictures by Sarah
Hello lovlies! Just a short post on this Friday morning, as my mum came over to Berlin to visit me =) I wanted to show you my go-to piece for winter, when it's really really cold outside: the furry scarf! I bought it last year from lovely Julia, Founder of Floralpunk. I am quite obsessed with everything (fake) fur-related and stocked up on my furry items in the past two years. My wardrobe consists of three fake fur coats, as well as two fake fur beanies/hats, my beloved furry clutch  and this furry scarf - and I am sure there's more to come! Just to be clear, I am not into real fur, so whenever I talk of fur, it's always fake fur that I mean. In my opinion, you can look as chic with a fake fur garment, than with one out of real fur. There is nothing do discuss about. If we can create a cloth that looks and feels just like the original, while it's not, there is no point for me to wear the real one. It's just not worth it. I just wanted to make this clear, as I own quite a few furry pieces and I would love to have even more! It makes your look both elegant and extravagant - and of course it's warm and cosy! Unfortunately, I don't see many people wearing fake fur in Berlin, as it stands for a chic, sophisticated and elegant look, and this is probably not what the typical Berlin city girl would like to achieve. Anyway, I have always been more into business chic than laid-back, so I am happy to bring some fake fur chic to this city! 

I hope you all had a great week so far! Mine was quite busy, been sewing and working for uni quite a lot and even had an interview with DandyDiary founder, David K.K. Roth. Been following his blog, which he runs with his friend Jakob Haupt, for quite a while and I am always excited to see whats next! Their actions are never foreseeable, that's for sure! I am now off to spend some time with my mumy who arrived yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I am a bit ill so we'll spend most of the time at home and just keep it casual & relaxing. Have a great weekend guys! xx

Monday, November 17, 2014


pictures taken by Sarah

Happy Happy Monday babes! I can't describe how happy I am while I am writing this. It's Monday and I'm having this day off - eek! Since I started working besides uni, I really appreciate every single minute where I am neither working, at uni, or out and about shooting for LOC. I love my studies, I love my blog and brand-in-the-making, and my job as well, but I love to have some time just for myself listening to music and sew. So that's what I'll do today after finishing this blogpost. A couple of weeks ago, me and my girl Sarah shooted this look near my place in Charlottenburg, and the lighting was beyond amazing! My hair looks golden and the whole outfit goes perfect with the yellow leaves that lie on the street. Awww .. I love love love fall season! Unfortunately, those sunny days are really rare, and all thats left is a grey and super cold Berlin. 

In today's outfit, I am again combining some of my fav. pieces for fall/winter. Scarf and beanie are both from Zara, were a real bargain and are super comfy. For me, a good scarf needs to be thick, soft and long! Most of the time I wear my scarves just like I do in todays pictures, as I love how chic and cool a look can be if the ends of it just dangle and are not wrapped around one's neck. That's it for today. Lots of love and have a great week! xx

Friday, November 14, 2014


Heyo everyone!! Sorry for skipping the Wednesday post - I had absolutely no time to write and talk about my latest outfits, although I have quite a few to share with you! Here's number one, from my stay in Austria at my parents place. The weather was incredibly warm, super sunny and just magical. I posted  this amazing picture on Instagram of the mountains and the lake, aww .. I wish it was summer so that I could enjoy some frozen yogurt and watch the sailing boats go by. Whenever I visit my parents, I don't take too much clothes with me, as I know my mum has some great treasures hidden in her wardrobe. I found this green vintage cape already a year ago, but never took pictures with it, so it came in handy last weekend. I wore a simple black pullover-skirt-combination underneath, because this cape obviously stands for itself. It's quite long, I must admit that my mum is much taller than me, but I love it so much! It is suuuuper comfy, warm and it made me feel effortlessly chic. I guess that's what a forester's wife would wear :-P just joking. These green velvet boots belong to my mum as well and it feels like heaven walking in them! I hope you like the pictures, I absolutely adore the colors in the back, it was such a pretty and perfect fall day!

Hopefully you all had a fabulous week! I cannot believe that it is already Friday and the middle of November. It feels like it was my birthday just yesterday, haha =) After finishing this blogpost (note: it's Thursday evening while I am writing this), I will just relax and watch PLL while eating mandarins and cookies. The perfect me-time after a long day at uni and work. I wanted to talk to you about this topic for ages, as I read about 'me-time' in "I am that girl" .. the book I always quote and can totally understand if you get annoyed about ;-) It is just that I can always relate to everything Alexis Jones talks about. One of the chapters is about 'me-time' which I think is one of the most important lessons we all have to learn. I have always loved being alone but felt bad if I told someone or used it as a reason to not showing up at a party or dinner invitation. I can hardly say no, but within the years I learned that it is super important to say no at times and spend time alone without feeling guilty. Alexis Jones described it with the words:
'You have every right in the world to say no and you'll be a better woman because of it.' 
I know it might sound cheesy, but I am trying to feel less guilty whenever I turn someone down and instead spend time by myself. I started dedicating some time every day to do exactly what I want, alone. And guess what? It.feels.great! Putting yourself first takes a lot of courage but it is important to learn about yourself and your needs.

Okay .. I had a lot of thoughts this time .. tell me what you think about my look and thoughts in the comment section! Happy Friday! Lots of love! xx
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