Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Happy September guys! Isn't it weird that 'summer' is over and in four months it's already christmas? I kinda thought about that yesterday on my first day of uni - time passes by so quickly, it's a little overwhelming I'd say. In Austria / Germany there was not much of a summer, while in Sweden I had 30 degrees almost every single day; but still, I think this summer was different to all the others, and now that we've all said our goodbyes to all these precious summer memories, we can start again, all inspired and motivated for this years fall season. I remember back in March when me and my girl Linda did the qualifying test at uni and now we started. I had an incredible first day, felt like back at school with all those cool kiddos and as I told you in my previous post - I am pretty much inspired and ready to work harder than ever because of all those amazing people I got to know in the past 24 hours. Sometimes you gotta love life =) 

Today's outfit shows you my beloved Karl Lagerfeld clutch that I bought back in Austria in a Designer Outlet. The color is just magical and the little hole details make it super special and outstanding. At first, I wasn't sure of how to pair it, but I am a sucker for black and blue so I went for this color combo, where surprisingly the bag is still a real eyecatcher. We shot these pictures in August, so the weather was still good enough for wearing culottes and mules which I already miss in fall season. I didn't wear them enough this summer, especially in Sweden, as I was always rushing by bike from one place to another, so there was no occassion to wear mules and culottes. I'll be sure to give these pants another try for fall -  thinking about wearing them with some amazing boots and a biker jacket or cape! Stay tuned! Hope you had a great start into this week! xx

Sunday, August 31, 2014


NOT. You might have seen this amazingly beautiful oldschool leather jacket on my Instagram already. In this case, new isn't always better (referring to HIMYM of course!) cause it's a quite old biker jacket from my mum and she gave it to me about a month ago cause I desperately wanted an oldschool-bomber-biker-kinda-jacket ;-) The shoulders are quite bulky, in fact, the whole jacket is super bomber but the different shades of brown and the totally used look make it such a special piece. Because of that, I decided to pair it all simple with a long black dress, loafers and my RayBan sunnies. I love a good vintage item, and this jacket might become my new fall favorite as fashion this season is all about brown! I'm not much into brown but lately my heart skips a beat whenever I see something brown, mocca, or beige colored =) What do you think?

Talking about new is always better - for me, uni starts tomorrow and I am as excited as I think I was when I was a little dwarf starting school more than ten years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get a colourfully decorated cardboardcone filled with sweets and small gifts, that kids usually get on their veryfirst day of school, but I'm still happy and motivated to start from scratch again. It's funny how I am still excited about lots of things, such as breakfast this morning, as Sundays are always my 'fancy breakfast' kinda days where I skip the porridge and get myself croissants and stuff. I've been living in Berlin for a week now, and I've been excited about everything. We went out playing table football this week and I haven't done this in years so I was all excited, as well as going climbing with my flatmates made me happy like a little clam! To be all honest, I wasn't really in the mood to blog this week (although I did it), as I just wanted to settle down and not think about work/blogging. It worked out pretty good, I had such a busy but fun week and now that uni starts tomorrow (and I'll be surrounded by people working in Fashion), I am preeeetty sure, I'll be constantly thinking about the blog, get inspired and work work work! 

I hope you all had a great week / weekend, thank you guys for always motivating me and see you soon on tiny LOC blog =)  

Friday, August 29, 2014


'FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE' Hey guys! It's already Friday, the last Friday of my holidays, which means uni starts on Monday - how exciting, riiiight? Well, for me it is. Here's another casual outfit shot in Austria, about a week ago. I was out and about with my mum doing some shopping as I am about to sew a new coat - what else? I absolutely love going in cloth stores, I always feel good, inspired, motivated and kinda 'at home' in between cloth and sewing kit. I had no time to start yet as I've been busy hanging out with my flatmates, going to IKEA to get the last bits for my room (and hot dogs of course!) as well as exploring the city on the back of a Vespa which was so much fun and not that touristy ;-)

Lately, I've been loving pink or rosé colored garments a lot. This jacket was a bargain find on Kristina Bazan's Videdressing account and although it's a little big, I like the oversized look a look. I paired it all girly with my beloved ruche top and Nike Roshe Run. I also turned into a Boyfriend Jeans addict as they are SO comfy and almost go with everything. Mine are a bit too big though, so I'm already looking for a tighter pair - any ideas? Hope you're all doing fine and having a great great week wherever you are! Thanks for reading! xx
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