Friday, August 1, 2014


pictures by Doris

I've recently teamed up with the lovely guys of Tchibo Austria to join their very first blogger parade called Stars of Accessories. There were three sunny and quite festival-y looks where I could choose one and I absolutely fell in love with those greyish chelsea boots so I just had to go for the casual look which came with a burgundy colored bag and scarf. Thanks again for the guys to send it to Sweden - I was so happy to receive the package as it's perfect for living up north! As it's quite warm as well here in Sweden I wanted to wear the scarf as a turban and browsed through the web to find some youtube tutorials on how to tie that together. I must admit, it wasn't that easy but in the end I figured it out quite well and can call me a turban pro from now on ;-) My pictures will be up on their blog as well on the 13th and I'd be happy if you'd vote for me & comment if you like my outfit, you can win a handbag so it's totally worth trying! 

I am currently sat in a café in Gothenburg, writing this post, drinking chai latte and feeling great. I took Friday off and went to Gothenburg (amazing city which is quite near to where I live) with the girls and can't wait to explore everything! It's already my last week in Sweden so I just want to make the best out of it by exploring everything and taking looooads of pictures! Stay tuned - I've already been working on a few more Sweden blogposts and can't wait to share them with you! All the best & happy weekend! xx

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Although I love these pictures and this outfit, I can't get deny I am already dreaming of fall since a few days. I know it's super crazy, whilst everybody is enjoying their summer, loving the sun, being at the beach and sipping cocktails, I am already a bit in the mood for a few rainy days, trenchcoats, after work drinks and intense fall shopping. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love summer, but fall has always been my fav. time of the year. In terms of fashion, it's just the most interesting one I'd say. I love summer trends, but sometimes I just like to wear 'more', as in, great dresses, tights, heels, trenchcoats, maybe a little furry scarf, you get me. In summertime you just wear shorts and tops or a dress and sandals everyday and after about 6 weeks I get a little bored off it, or I am not creative enough with my summer wardrobe.

Anyways, in the past few posts I showed you little treasures I found in my mum's closet, and this pair of shorts is another one from designer Bernd Berger. Aren't they amazing? I absolutely love them and think they go perfect with my white blouse that I bought a few weeks ago in sale at Mango's. And since I'm not much into sandals, I wore my white sneakers that I miss like crazy here in Sweden. Wish I had taken them with me! It's good that I'm coming home next week cause I already miss my overcrowded wardrobe =) Happy Humpday! All the best, xx

Monday, July 28, 2014


THIS JACKET. When it hit the stores I was on a saving trip so didn't buy it but everytime I saw it, I definitely had googly eyes and told everyone about it. Think Anni already got crazy about me not buying it but talking about it forever - haha! My sisters then got it for my 21st birthday and I am oh so happy! Everyone that sees it, is like, it's so you! The cut is quite business-y but the pattern's got a little twist that I absolutely adore! Since I'm 16 I am head over heels for all kinds of blazers and really think that this is my new fav next to my good old bouclĂ© one. Paired it simple and chic with some vintage high waist pants that once belonged to my mum (also got the matching blazer - eeek!) and my new heels that I got myself for my birthday. This is such a working-girl look, I absolutely love it and would hop on a few business meetings straight away!

I hope you all had a great weekend - I was super busy working and honestly a little frustrated by a few things concerning work right now but then decided to chill in one of the hammrocks at the Spa and just read. I am currently reading 'I am that girl' by Alexis Jones and although I'm only at the beginning I love it! There's this part in the Introduction that I completely fell for: 

'Life is not about picking out the parts you like and leaving the rest, its learning to coexist with all and choosing to see the beauty, the grace, and the hilarity while also experiencing the inevitable disappointment and failure.'

It's just so true, a little cheesy I know, but I can't help it! Just wanted to share this with you cause I had a few bad days and this totally reminded me of what I want and that it's important to believe in yourself but also learn how to accept and appreciate yourself for everything you do.
You can get the book here, and trust me, it's none of those self-help books, it's like talking to your bestie, really =) xx

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