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I am again really excited to share with you this post as I think the pictures turned out amazing (thanks a lot to Rebecca who always has to be with me when im fancy dressed ;-) and Girissima for making my choice of clothing so easy! I received this cute top with the matching shorts a few days ago and I am so in love with the color! Since the weather has been a little bit grey and boring last week I really needed some color in my life and moreover in my wardrobe! Coral is the perfect color for spring and summer, it makes me feel like I'm on a holiday and it really changes my mood from normal to super happy! Yep .. that's what colorful clothes mean to me! I even have coral colored heels so I absolutely had to pair them with this ensemble! In the package I also received this really cool clutch bag that looks a bit hipster but it's super chic and has the perfect size for everyday essentials!  What do you think about the outfit and what's your all time fav color for the warmer season?
 I am feeling a bit worn out today as I didn't sleep enough (and trust me, that is the worst thing ever for me as I usually try to sleep seven to eight hours a day)! Kavita came over to Munich and we had a great time at a Stylight event with Rebecca and Lauren and all the other Stylight girls. At first I felt weird coming back to Stylight and being a guest but everyone is just suuuper friendly and you feel at home straight away. We ate loads, drank wine and just had a girl talk ;) Since she left at 3 a.m. in the morning and I couldn't really sleep afterwards so I am a little bit tired today, therefore please be gentle with my english =) I hope you're all doing fine and you're having a great week so far! Lots of love! xx


pictures by itscohen
 I hope you all had a few very relaxing days during Easter time, and that you are full of energy again! Today I wanted to show you what I usually do when I've got some free time. Since I started blogging I don't have as much free time anymore as I had before but if you love what you do, you just don't care =) So in my rare free time I really just relax and try do everything on offer. Last weekend I was watching movies that I wanted to see for ages, eat loads, sleep a lot and read read read. I know I should have studied for my upcoming exam next week but sometimes you just need time for yourself. You could tell by following my social media accounts that I really didn't do anything productive in the past two days, haha =D
It's not super springlike outside right now, so what I love to wear when I'm at home is my cashmere cardigan I got a few years ago from my mum. I adore it and wish I would have another one as it's amazingly cosy and warm. It's more like a uber soft cape and makes me feel really good and safe while wearing. As I really want to have another one I was browsing through some websites and found Repeat. Has anyone of you ever seen their amazing clothes or maybe bought something? I think that from only looking at their pictures you can tell (or I can tell as I am a little cloth nerd) how cosy and soft their material is. I absolutely fell in love with their two tone poncho which is unfortunately already sold out but I'm keeping an eye on it! I don't know where this is coming from but even the boy says I am such a cosy person ;) I loove just everything super soft. Super soft garments, a soft skin, soft bedlinen, duvets, jackets .. awww .. just everything! I think I'm gonna cuddle up now in my cardigan and watch Greys Anatomy now ;-) Happy Tuesday! xx
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