Friday, October 31, 2014


pictures by Sarah
FRI-YAY! I had such a busy week, that is why I had absolutely no time to use social media properly and keep you updated, but I think it's okay to skip posting all day long from time to time. As it's Friday today, I am showing you the third and last look with my jumpsuit, worn as a top, paired with a black midi skirt, heels and my beloved Michael Kors bag. It's a quite business-y look, and although I love heels, I am more of a high heeled boots girl, just because they are much more comfortable. To wear a jumpsuit as a top in wintertime is also quite tricky cause it keeps you warm underneath as well ;-) I cannot really say which look I liked most, but I am strongly tending towards the first one, as it is super casual and you can see the whole jumpsuit .. but what do you think about today's option? Ain't it funny how versatile such a jumpsuit/one piece can be worn?

As you might have seen on my Instagram this morning, I am flying home tonight! Eeeek! Haven't seen my sisters, besties from home and parents in what it feels like ages (it's been more than two months though ;-) so I am pretty much excited to see all of them! The reasons why I was crazy busy in the past few days is uni, which became more and more demanding and me working on a new layout for tiny LOC blog and my own brand/label that is taking form as well. SO excited, every day has been really busy and exhausting but I love it! I'll keep you updated about my weekend at home, wishing you all an amazing Friday and above all, an amazing weekend! Lots of love, xx

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


pictures by Sarah
Good morning everybody! Here's my second look featuring this jumpsuit I got myself at H&M a while ago! This time, I wanted the focus to be on the print and my love for headgear, of course! I decided to pair the jumpsuit with my black furry beanie that is perfect for this cold weather and some high heeled boots with a pop of beige! It is such a simple look, but since the print of the jumpsuit is quite outstanding, I thought it would look cool, don't you think? It's easy to wear a jumpsuit without adding anything, and it could have been boring, but not if you wear one that has a magical, 60s kind of print. That beanie is my personal favorite for wintertime, as it is super fluffy and I love everything furry! Look number three will be up Friday, can't wait to hear your opinions on this fun series of pictures!

I had no time yet to tell you, that I am going home this weekend - eeeek! I am suuper excited to see my parents, one of my sisters and some of my besties, as it feels like I was at home ages ago! I will keep you all updated, so make sure to follow me on Instagram! xx

Monday, October 27, 2014


pictures by Sarah
A new series on LACKOFCOLOR - yay! I've always wanted to do a '(please insert garment here) worn in three ways' - and when I saw this jumpsuit at H&M I knew it would be the perfect one piece to show in three different ways. So this week will be only about this gorgeous jumpsuit and I will show you three different ways of how to wear it. I would recommend you to get this jumpsuit if you love one pieces as much as I do, also this one adds a little 60s twist to your wardrobe, don't you think? For the first look I wore my jumpsuit with an oversized blazer, beanie and loafers. I must admit, these items are my all time favorites. You all know me for a while now, so you might as well know how much I love beanies .. and this black one is always with me! The blazer is not a simple tailored blazer, but more a straight, slightly oversized one with no pockets, no collar and out of neoprene material! It usually goes with everything, that is why I wanted to try if it fits to my jumpsuit as well - yep - nailed it, again! And to add a bit of vintage chic to my look, I wore my old vintage doctor's bag which I got myself in Vienna two years ago. I love its used look, compared to my Michael Kors, this one's an old lady and I love to take her for a walk every now and then! Also, if I do not want to wear heels or boots, I always grab my black Pennyloafers. There is something about these shoes that makes them so oldschool and nerdy but amazingly beautiful and versatile at the same time. My go-to piece in fall! 

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend - what did you do to keep yourself busy? I was working on Saturday and then Sunday is always a day to do some sports, uni stuff, read and watch movies. By the way, I got all convinced by my girl Anni to get Netflix, so now I am head over heels watching PLL, GG (again) and lots of movies I've always wanted to see. I just watched 'One Day' with Anne Hathaway yesterday morning and think it's brilliant. Must admit that I (almost) cried at the end and I am usually not THAT kind of girl, but if you are into tragiccomedies, go for it! Happy Monday! xx

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