Friday, October 24, 2014


with a little help from Sarah

FRI-YAY! Another beauty post for all you lovely tiny LOC readers! I am such a happy clam to team up with Douglas this time, and to show you their new mobile phone App with which you can find the perfect make up products coordinated to your skin tone. It's all really easy, you just need their color card with this special QR code on it, and then you have to download the app. The whole process of scanning one's skin is explained in the app and really easy. I would just suggest you to do it with a second person, as it is quite hard to hold the color card onto your face and then scan everything with the other hand. I asked my lovely roommate Tobi and he did a really good job in helping me, and even found it was a cool idea, haha =) Also, pay attention to the lighting in your room, it could manipulate the result.

After scanning everything, you will get your personalized color code and there will be several products shown from different brands that would suit your type of skin. I have always been really lucky concerning my skin type, means, I never really had problems with it, so I gave it a try and tried out a completely new brand and foundation. I picked a new foundation called 'Lancôme teint idole ultra'. The only problem was, that the color code was too dark, so the shop girl told me to go for the lightest version available, as I have such a light skin tone. I now have no. 010 beige porcelaine and I am completely obsessed with it. First of all, this foundation smells amazing and it feels so good to apply it on your skin. I was a bit scared at first, because using make up can cause a dry skin but I do not think this one will. My face feels relaxed, refreshing and it looks pretty ;-)

I hope this little review was helpful for you, I would definitely recommend you to try out this color code, as it is really funny and if you are ready to try something new, go for it! Besides, I think I finally have some sort of routine in my daily life now. It took quite a while, but I am slowly getting used to being at uni all day long and blogging besides. Just hope it stays like that =) A great weekend to all of you! xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


pictures by Sarah
Happy Humpday to all of you! We had some really bad weather days in Berlin, so it is always nice to have a colored beanie and umbrella with me to brighten up the day, and of course to stay dry. While I was out and about with my girl Sarah the other weekend, checking out the new goodies at Voo Store Berlin we also stopped at COS where they held up mid season sale. I think it is quite new that all the stores do midseason sale .. or am I the only one who has never heard of this before? I thought about the whole fashion industry a lot in the past few weeks and strongly believe that everything was better in the past. I know it's really hard to say that, but I feel completely overwhelmed with how often shops change their collections. It feels like one collection is not good enough anymore so they have to change it within the next few weeks and try something completely new. How exhausting for their designers?! If they would slow down, as in creating less collections, they would probably be even better, prettier and more thought-out. For me, a girl that really wants to work in fashion some fine day, maybe even in fashion design, it's important that people stop feeling the need to have everything, all at once, as fast as the fashion industry can. Wouldn't it be nice to start appreciating all the clothing that we have?

I honestly do not know where this came from, but I knew that being back at uni would bring much more content to my blog. I learn so many new things, that I feel the need to talk about it or at least write about it on my blog. I hope you don't mind, me thinking about the whole fashion industry and sharing my thoughts with you ;-) 
So as I told you, it was a rainy weekend in lovely Berlin, and I decided to go for an almost all grey look. I have always loved grey, as it is the perfect mixture of black and white. I recently read that beanies are not popular anymore, but have to admit that I could not not wear them, as I love to have my head covered up in something warm and soft. This time I went for a baby blue colored beanie, to add a pop of color to my outfit! Hope you like the pictures! xx 

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend, enough time to relax and rest and that you are now ready for a new week! Let's start with something refreshing, like a little bit of beauty!
Since I just cut my hair again, and people always ask me about my hair care routine, I decided to write a post about it. If you follow tiny LOC blog for a while now, you might know that I had quite long hair until I decided to cut them in January. Then I decided to get back to the roots and get my bangs again, but quickly became bored of it, so I am trying to grow them out, which probably takes ages. Two weeks ago I decided to cut my whole hair again, this time it's definitely a change that can be seen. I've never had this short hair, but I absolutely love how versatile it is. I still laugh when I am trying to make a bun or special hairdo as it won't proper work out =) Here's a list of my favorite products that I am currently using:
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