Saturday, September 20, 2014


pictures by Linda
Good good morning guys! It is finally the weekend! This has been a quite long but interesting week at uni, but still I couldn't wait for today as I'm going to start with my new coat! I already did some pattern construction and now will finalize everything and then start sewing - can't wait! Since the weather got less summery I am constantly thinking about coats, coats, coats and already have a little moodboard in my room with inspiration! Luckily the weather today, isn't that nice as well, so there's no need to go outside, which I totally approve, so I can be more productive! What are your plans for the weekend?

As you can see on my pictures, fall is coming closer and I am super excited about this! The last few days were almost painful as it was so warm and I am in such a fall mood, which means wearing black is just my thing, but not the smartest color to go when it has 25 degrees. Anyways, there were a few days where I could even go for tights again and this means a lot to me! I wore my lovely midi skirt together with a leopard printed tee and a black blazer out of neoprene I got myself while I was in Sweden. This outfit is super classy and somehow it reminded me of the Olsen Twins - fangirling mode on! Recently I love to wear oversized clothes a lot! Pairing boyfriend jeans with oversized blouses, wide midi skirts with oversized t shirts and an oversized blazer on top of it? You name it! It's not that I want to cover up in a huge piece of cloth (although I like the thought of it .. ;-) I just think there are no rules in Fashion, so I don't believe in this rule that prevents you from wearing both oversized items as a top and bottom! I hope you like today's look! Wishing you all a great great weekend! xx

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


pictures by Linda
Berlin is not always a fancy place, but that's what I love about this city. People tend to ask me if I really feel at home here, and I always smile and have to admit that I felt at home the first time I came here, which is more than two years ago already. My apartment is quite near to my uni which is AMAZING, as I tend to be always running late, and if I'm in an absolute hurry, I can swing on my bike and set off! There are not many cafés in this area, and I have to admit that I am spoiled with pretty little café as there are thousands in Austria, but I tend to get used to the small and funny looking ones in Berlin. On Monday, I met a few of my uni friends for coffee/food/whatever, in this little café or bakery and I thought about shooting pictures there. It's not that fancy, it's actually really simple, but I've never taken pictures in a place like that before and thought it would be fun to try. I could probably spend days sitting in cute little cafés drinking chai latte, reading magazines, blogging and just watching people. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect café in Berlin, but I already found a few almost-perfect ones! If you know any, tell me in the comments! :) 

As the weather is amazingly warm right now, I decided to go for a simple black Asos dress and my favorite floral printed blazer. Since I am addicted to sneakers, I couldn't help myself but wear white sneakers again, but promise I will get more variaty in terms of shoe choices! Happy Humpday, ladies and gents! xx

Monday, September 15, 2014


One thing I love about fall is layering. I am one of those girls that's always freezing, even in summer time. Last week I was out and about exploring Berlin a bit with my girl from Austria, and the weather wasn't that nice, so I decided to go for a sporty chic look with my new white Nike Ultra Air Force that I am craaaazy about. I've always wanted these, as they look so cool & sporty and go with everything. I got them here and it was the last pair in my size - lucky me! To brighten up this grey day I chose to wear my baby blue Lackofcolordesigns coat, but as it's out of such light material, I had to help myself and wear a three colored knitted vest underneath. But still, it was too cold, so I covered everything with this cosy beige scarf from Zara. Layering from it's finest! I love how long and wide the scarf is. In the second picture I look tiny, but I love to wear something that is all over me and covers almost all parts of my body ;-)

As I told you, I've been struggling a bit with time management and still don't know how often there'll be time for tiny LOC blog, but since fall is coming closer, I am getting more and more motivated to blog as much as possible. I am already pairing boots, tights, dresses, jackets, coats in my head and can't wait for the weather to be more fall-ish! I've also watched a few of my fav. designers fashion shows via live stream and really think I should sew something in the near future! So many plans, so little time. That's it for today, I hope you had a great weekend, thanks for reading! xx
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