Tuesday, July 22, 2014


pictures & editing by Alma Bengtsson
The lovely team of Triangl sent over one of their amazing bikinis to Sweden, so that I could enjoy summer even more and take a few pictures for you at the beach! I've never done a bikini shoot before, maybe I'm just not that confident (that's why Im wearing pants) but this babe of a bikini just had to be shown off on LOC. I teamed up with Swedish blogger & photographer Alma who is a lifesaver in terms of my blogging here and she takes amazing pictures which you can see on her blog as well! We met on Sunday at an amazing place in little Varberg before she's heading to the UK for a few days, but when she's back you'll definitely see more of her talented photography up here =)

With bikinis, I've always been really picky. Never bought cheap ones cause I wanted to keep them for ages and I am really into quality when it comes to swimwear. So I usually buy mine at Calzedonia but fell in love with Triangl a few months ago when my Instagram Feed was all over Triangl bikinis, definitely a sign that I follow too many people working and living Fashion, haha =) Anyways, when it was my turn to choose one I didn't think too long cause I wanted a special one - so picked Billie Firefly and absolutely love it! I hope you like the pictures and Happy Tuesday and all the best! xx

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Soooo .. apparently I've been living and working in Sweden for a week now, three to go! I really love this country, I love how the people dress here, I love the weather (it's suuuper warm right now) and I love how everything smells like the sea, haha =) Could definitely live here if only my beloved ones would be with me as well! I hope you all had a great week, I gotta go to work now and then head over to do a shooting at the beach - can't wait to show you the images - stay tuned!

It's already been a while since I showed you the latest coat I made, so here it is, a really simple baby blue coat I absolutely adore! Whenever I make a coat, the first thing I think about is the color, and this time I really wanted a blue one - baby blue to be more precisely. I actually thought it would look amazing once I'm tanned, but I'd say it looks good without a tan as well ;-) It has always been like that since I finished school, that whenever I sew something I don't stick to my sketch. My sketch is always different, sometimes a little more lavish (and then I end up not having enough time or patience anymore and I change everything) and sometimes a bit too boring. So while I was sewing this coat I changed from in-seam pockets to patch pockets, from belt to no belt and of course the collar - my favorite topic. I just love coats without a collar, it makes them look so easy, sophisticated and you can always add one if you want to! I hope you like the outfit (and yes, I was actually wearing a skort underneath =) Happy Sunday! xx

Friday, July 18, 2014


pictures by Linda
After my stay in Dresden and before going to Sweden, I was in Berlin and really enjoyed being in that city again! Missed it already as the last time was weeks ago and whenever I see bits of this city I already feel at home. Stopped by my new apartment and then met lovely Linda for burgers and drinks in the evening. In between we shot these pictures of my outfit from that day! Just simply wearing my doc's, a white tee and sparkling jacket! We had asian burgers that evening and it was delicious! If you're ever in Berlin, make sure to stop by district môt, it's worth it!

I'm having today off, so I will probably head to the beach and just relax, work a bit on LOC and read 'gone girl', which I can only recommend to all of you! The movie is coming into the cinemas sometime in fall and I couldn't wait for it, so had to read the book asap! I hope you're all doing fine wherever you are :) All the best, xx

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