Thursday, December 18, 2014


pictures by Sarah

Hey guys! It's Thursday already, and Christmas and New Years Eve is so soon! I still can't believe that this year is almost over, but we will talk about this in a special post on the 31st! Right now I am quite annoyed about myself, properly speaking, my body. Turns out I've got another cold, the third or fourth within the last few weeks, and this time it's probably the worst timing ever. But since all my blogposts are more or less about being sick, stressed out and suffering from whatsoever, I will stop talking about my weak little body and talk to you about today's outfit! I ordered this white dress months ago via Asos and actually never knew how to pair it. I knew that I wanted to pair it with black tights, since I love this contrast a lot, but of course it's way too cold outside without a coat/cape thingy. This black and white cape from Primark goes perfectly with the length of the dress. A red lippy, veiled beanie and my overknees round off this look. What do you think about the whole outfit? 

I am at uni right now, planning my exams in January and I am so so looking forward to the holidays, although it will be a lot about studying and working. We'll be working on Wolfschluckner again, which I had to let slip in the past two weeks, but I am super excited to show you my little crew that is super motivated to get things started =) Stay tuned and see you soon on tiny LOC blog! Happy Thursday! xx

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello everybody! How was your weekend? As you might know, if you follow my social media and read the last post on LOC, I flew to Vienna Saturday morning and came back yesterday evening, as we celebrated my sisters uni graduation. This weekend was all about food and spending time with the family, but now I'm back in Berlin, it's the last week before christmas and I am craaaazy busy. Unfortunately I'm still sick so I have to take it slow unless I'll be all sick during my winter holidays, but there is still a lot of stuff going on at Uni. I almost had a massive breakdown this morning when safari didn't work anymore, which is also the reason why I am posting sometime in the afternoon. My lovely flatmate Tobi is already working on fixing it, but it could happen that posts will be published irregularly this week - sorry about that!

For my sisters uni graduation, I decided to wear something that looks chic and sophisticated, but also has a touch of edgy in it. I have already told you that I love to add a little sparkle to my outfits during christmas time, so this skirt from H&M came in handy. Usually, I am not sure about light colored skirts and black tights, but in this case I absolutely love the combination! Besides, this look is perfect for the scenery in the back right? I shot these pictures with my other sister in front of the court theatre in Vienna. Vienna has so many pretty places to shoot, especially in wintertime it's one of the most beautiful cities I know. All these old buildings, the history combined with new arrangements and their christmas markets - oh my .. Anyways, I hope you like todays outfit! thanks for reading, xx

Friday, December 12, 2014


A quite chic and feminine look for today's post! Shot these pictures together with my mum about two weeks ago and wanted to showcast you this white hat I bought in a vintage store while living in Vienna. I have never ever worn it as I found it hard to combine, until my mum came with this furry vest and my heart immediately skipped a beat. I kept the whole look really simple, feminine and with a touch of winter-feeling. I actually think this outfit would look a lot better if there would be snow around, but somehow we never get to have a winter wonderland at christmas time.

I hope you all had a great week guys - I am quite excited, as I'll be heading to Vienna tomorrow morning - eek! Going to see my whole family and my besties and can't wait to catch up! Make sure to follow my journey on Instagram =) Happy Friday! xx
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