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Hello guys! Sorry for skipping the Monday post, I was busy watching the new YSL movie, which I can totally recommend to all of you! As an absolute fan of all movies about artists, designers, etc. I loved this one of course as well! I watched both movies about Coco Chanel hundreds of times and really had high hopes for the one about Yves, and didn't get disappointed. The movie is more about his life, his relationships and how he started his own business rather than just fashion and how he revolutionized especially women's fashion. I have to admit that I would have loved to see more about him at a very young age, just to see how he got into it and his first designs, but all in all the movie was amazing. It's really touching and in the end some of the girls I went with almost cried ;-) While watching it, and especially after the movie I really felt really inspired and totally wanted to start sketching, drawing, designing and sewing! It's good for me to watch movies like that from time to time as they inspire me so much and they kinda get me going and assure me that all the hard work I do will pay off some day ;-)

Today's outfit is a really simple dress I recently found on Asos (surprise!). It's also available in black but I thought the nude version would look really cool with a biker jacket. In my case it was an oversized biker blazer and boots. I never would have thought that I would wear boots and a long dress but I totally love this combination! It's really cool and edgy but still a little elegant as the dress is really feminine. What do you think about this look? I hope you're all fine and happy Humpday!! xx


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It's already Sunday, what a shame! I feel like this weekend has been busy all over. There were so many things on my to do list and I got up super early but unfortunately didn't make everything. I started sewing a new coat, this time it's for my bestie Kavita as she always wanted to have one made by me ;-). She's coming in a few days so I need to be suuuper quick! I also did some work for Lackofcolor, sports and met lovely Anni for a catch up and to shoot these pictures! I love love love this blue background :-) It matches perfectly with my outfit from yesterday! I wanted to pair my blue jeans with a light blue blouse as I am currently having a blue fever! I could wear everything blue! Blue tops, blue skirts, blue coats, blue jeans .. aww! It reminds me of holiday and I could really need some holiday right now. The blouse is from the H&M men's section as it's much more oversized than the ones for women. It's the perfect outfit for casual Saturdays, that's why I wore those little heels - they are super comfy and look so cute! I was super happy about the warm temperatures yesterday .. unfortunately today is just grey and rainy. 

Hopefully you all had a super relaxing weekend, I will head back to my beloved sewing machine and try to finish the coat by today .. what a challenge! Have a great Sunday guys! xx

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